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Monitoring your pet's systems through routine blood work and testing is vital! We have the resourses and technology available to insure that your pet is healthy and properly treated. Blood tests are often required or recommended for sick and senior patients.

What are common diagnostic tools?

  • Blood Tests - These are tests that require a blood sample to be taken, then analyzed. Examples would be a CBC (Complete Blood Count), or a chemistry profile that evaluates organ function (liver, kidney, pancreas, etc...)
  • Diagnostic Imaging - This is a way of looking into the body via x-ray. Village Pet has a state of the art digital x-ray equipment, which allows instant viewing of x-rays.
  • Urine/Fecal Testing - these tests are performed on a collected sample. These can determine internal parasites, diabetes, and infection.
  • Test for Parasites - There are many types of parasites that can affect your pet. Most of these will go unseen without proper testing. An example of these would be intestinal worms, heart worms, mange mites, and other parasites that cannot be seen without a microscope.
  • Less Common Tests - while not common, they can be used depending on what symptoms your pet is displaying. Examples of these tests would be bacterial cultures, ringworm culture, cytology exams, etc...