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We make sure that both you and your pet receive the best treatment we can give...

We offer a wide range of services including medical, diagnostic, surgical, and preventative health care needs for your pet so they can live a happier, healthier, longer life. Your pet is your four legged child and we recognize as well as appreciate that. So when your pet is ill, we want to be here to provide the best possible care available.

Our staff comes to work every day with the midset to provide you and your pet with cutting edge veterinary medical care, from wellness exam and vaccines to diagnositcs and complex surgical procedures. Your family pet will receive high quality are with us.

Village Pet Exam Rooms Clinic Boarding

Village Pet Hospital

We are a full service vet clinic where pets are ALWAYS treated like family.

Interactive Exam Rooms

We have comfortable exam rooms with digital x-rays and technology.

Wide Range of Products

We have a variety of pet products, from perscription food to flea/tick control.

Home Away From Home

Whether your family pet is a dog or a cat, we have a safe & comfortable place for them when you need to board them.

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Where pets are ALWAYS treated like family!

  • We will be closed on Memorial Day
  • We are open from 8-1230pm, then 130-5pm daily
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Pet Visits

There are a bunch of reasons to come see us, aside from the good conversation! You can schedule regular Wellness Checks for your furry family member. These are usually once or twice a year, vaccine updates, dental cleanings, etc... Then if you have an older gentleman or lady family friend, we can schedule more frequent Senior Care checkups. When you have an older pet, there are a few extra things that we need to make sure are okay. Have a new puppy or kitten? We can schedule their young care, vaccines, checkups, and alteration surgery if wanted. Our vets can work with you and your pet to schedule these visits, or you can also Contact Us and make an appointment online.

How Can We Help?

There are so many ways we can help you and your four legged family member! Whether its something as easy as getting their yearly vaccine, or spaying your young kitten, we can help. For our Wellness Checks or Senior Care, we often recommend getting bloodwork done, just to make sure that everything on the inside is working as good as it needs to. We have a full set of testing tools, and complete 99% of our lab work onsite. This means that you can get answers faster, and we can discuss the results during the same visit. We also do dental work, both cleaning and extractions. We also do most typical surgeries, as well as emergency surgery - during business hours - when needed.

Looking Good/Feeling @ Home

We know that our human family members like their pets to look as good as they do! We have a full service Grooming center within our clinic. We provide baths, both dogs and cats (yikes sometimes!). We can trim up Fluffy the cat with a lion cut, or Bruno the Schnauzer with a skirt. We can do custom cuts/trims as well. Our Grooming staff works directly with our clients, so you have a chance to tell us exactly what you need for your pet. We also have a "Home away from Home" Boarding center for your pets. We have a specialized Kitty Kennel, with standard and deluxe towers. For our doggy clients, we have a variety of kennel types, from small kennels, to large dog runs.

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Lab Work

The key for proper treatment... Today in the modern world of veterinary medicine and surgery, it would be a bad thing if our vets didn't spend a good amount of time diagnosing your pet and their problem. Providing the proper and best treatment for any ill pet, depends on finding the right problem, which will lead to the right treatment.

What are common diagnostic tools?

  • Blood Tests - These are tests that require a blood sample to be taken, then analyzed. Examples would be a CBC (Complete Blood Count), or a chemistry profile that evaluates organ function (liver, kidney, pancreas, etc...)
  • Diagnostic Imaging - This is a way of looking into the body via x-ray. Village Pet has a state of the art digital x-ray equipment, which allows instant viewing of x-rays.
  • Urine/Fecal Testing - these tests are performed on a collected sample. These can determine internal parasites, diabetes, and infection.
  • Test for Parasites - There are many types of parasites that can affect your pet. Most of these will go unseen without proper testing. An example of these would be intestinal worms, heart worms, mange mites, and other parasites that cannot be seen without a microscope. Less Common Tests - while not common, they can be used depending on what symptoms your pet is displaying. Examples of these tests would be bacterial cultures, ringworm culture, cytology exams, etc...
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