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Cat Laser Therapy

Why should I be interested in Laser Therapy for my pet?

Our K-Laser therapy can help speed healing for these type of situations:

  • Skin Wounds - Faster healing after traumatic injuries, insect bites, snake bites and surgical wounds
  • Oral & Dental - Healing after tooth extractions, reducing gum (gingivities) and periodontal inflammation, including stomatitis in cats
  • Musculoskeletal Conditions - Pain management and healing of bones, ligaments, tendons, and nerve pain relief for arthritis, fracture and sprain healing, hip dysplasia, and overall lameness
  • Skin Conditions - Dermatitis, lick granulomas, and hot spots
  • How Does it Work?

    There are a few key points of how laser therapy works to promote tissue healing:
  • Helps prevent bacteria and fungus from growing in the affected area
  • Increases blood flow to the affected area - more oxygen and nutrients
  • Helps regrow the cell tissue quicker